Master Of Arts - M.A

Master Of Arts | M.A

Contemplate the critical environmental, economic, social, and cultural challenges of our time. Solve problems. Lead the way.

In Sustainability Studies at CBS, you will have the opportunity to turn interdisciplinary inquiry into insight to solve problems and increase sustainability.

The first program of its kind in South Africa, this program encourages you to tailor your educational experience. Pursue your interests as you explore the sustainability of human societies and the natural environment.

At CBS, you will work with award-winning scholars, leading academics and practitioners as you contemplate complex challenges. Your education and research will be contributing directly to the understanding of environmental sustainability, economic prosperity, and social responsibility. Whether you’re headed for further academic training, or setting out to meet the growing demand for highly qualified personnel in the public and private sectors, you will be preparing to make a difference.

  • Make connections with organizations that strive to minimize the environmental footprint while contributing to the economic and social advancement of communities in which they operate.
  • Prepare for a cutting-edge career in the green economy, social enterprise and entrepreneurship.
  • Live and learn in a spectacular campus that walks the talk of a sustainable community.

Help to meet the increasing worldwide demand for organizational sustainability professionals by choosing the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management stream.

As a dedicated Sustainability Studies student who is committed to enacting change, you can pursue interdisciplinary inquiry and solve problems through course work, research and experiential learning opportunities.

At CBS, a Canadian originator of academic programming in this area, you will gain real-world experience through a full-time, co-op field placement in year two of your degree. Guided by complementary course instruction in research methods, professional development and entrepreneurship, you will acquire the tools and expertise to address complex social and environmental challenges in practical ways.

With the support of award-winning scholars, leading academics and practitioners, your action research will be contributing directly to existing scholarship and professional practice related to environmental sustainability, economic prosperity and social responsibility. You will be prepared to lead, build, and maintain start-up enterprises and small, growing operations in the public and private sectors.

Program Options

  • M.A.
  • Full- or part-time studies
  • Thesis-based, major research paper or internship
  • 2 years full time


Grand Central Park

Cultral day celebration.

City Campus

The Gathering provides opportunities for Indigenous knowledge to be shared through a series of presentations and workshops.

City Campus

Artist J.J (Joseph James) is going to arrange an art competition of sculptures.